Scotland’s national sports technology cluster agency, representing one of Europe’s strongest sportstech ecosystems –

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Our cluster aligns Scotland with the burgeoning international sportstech market, bringing together key stakeholders to develop, support and fund the nation’s sportstech ecosystem


Connecting Scotland’s sportstech companies with research, insights and skills


Connecting Scotland’s sportstech companies with opportunities for trade and collaboration


Connecting Scotland’s sportstech companies with investment and funding

An array of resources

Our comprehensive suite of services caters to Scotland’s sportstech SMES:


  • Collaborate with innovators & academics
  • Meet buyers, investors and multipliers
  • Showcase your solutions

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  • Industry news & events
  • Thought-provoking articles
  • Exclusive access & discounts

Trade Missions

  • Access to the world’s sportstech markets
  • Pitch to buyers & investors
  • Discounted fees, travel & accommodation for members

“Scotland sits at the frontier of sportstech innovation, creating solutions for the global sports market and leading on a systems-based approach to sustainable development”

Keith Marin

Founder, STS

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